The Countdown Begins (or Has Been Happening)

It didn’t hit me when I applied for the program, or even yet, was accepted.

It didn’t hit me when I received an email saying I was matched with a family.

It didn’t hit me when I began to look through pictures of what they looked like, or when I read their letter speaking about their family interests and lifestyle.

It didn’t hit me when I received the first email from them, saying they would like to Skype me sometime.

It didn’t hit me when I skyped the parents.

It hit me on the second Skype interview, when I met her, the little girl I would be taking care of next year because ever since we met, my life has somehow been moving at a fast rate that I can’t even keep up with.

It was a 45 minute Skype conversation, in which I watched her roam around the house, excited, showing me her room, drawing pictures for me, playing her favorite music and telling me about her favorite things to do.


That is the number of days I have left here in the states.

It makes my heart race… but somehow, through these mixed emotions, I can’t help but know that this will be a life changing experience.



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