Moving to Paris Comes With… Packing

How do you pack your life in a small suitcase?

I have recently started to realize that I have 45 days left here… and none of my packing has started. You are probably thinking, Veronica, calm down, but if you happen to know me in real life, you know that I can be one of the most paranoid people when it comes to this stuff.

I wake up each morning in my room, with dozens of pictures and frames, clothes scattered all over the floor, journals, and books mounted high on shelves all around me. Every morning I realize that this move is not like any of the other 12, and one of those main differences is that I can’t take every personal belonging with me. I am so used to putting things in boxes, knowing that in a short amount of time, those belongings will be seen again.

This time, I only have a limited space.

I will meet France in the summer, and get to know it through autumn, winter and spring. Wardrobes change drastically from season to season. I will need those cute, maroon shorts I bought from American Eagle the other day to my puffy Columbia jacket. I will need the small summer booties to my high, black boots.

Not only do I need to think about clothes, but my laptop, camera and other side essentials need to be brought as well. I need to buy a year’s worth of contacts and hope that hair dye over there is not too expensive. What about books? And piano music? Bringing my guitar with me is also going to be cutting it pretty close with my airline.

Do not get me wrong, the idea of moving and the adventure that I am about to go on is exciting… but man, is there stress to it.




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