Hello From Dublin!

So it has begun.

I am no longer in the U.S. and that is a weird thought. This morning, I am blogging from the Dublin airport and I can already tell I am in a European country. There are multiple coffee shops, name brand stores and only a limited area for seating. In asking a stewardess how to get to my gate, she already couldn’t understand what to her would be my “accent”. We laughed it off and in her Irish accent, she was able to lead me where to go.

This is literally stepping out of a comfort zone. Staying in one country your whole life, you see others as “them”, “different” and “out of the norm”. Yet, here I am, a 19 year old who is “out of the norm”. I am those “them”. I am that person with the “accent”.

Dublin is out there!
Dublin is out there!

I have only been away from the United States for a mere 9 hours, but I am already stepping out of my shoes.



My airport blogging spot
My airport blogging spot

Next stop, Nice!

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