Just Like the Movies

I felt like I was living in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun as we walked the streets of Nice. Buildings seemed to be on top of one another, the clothes lines hanging from one side to the other, people crowded on the streets and yelling at one another.

Yes, I am in France, but I am in le sur de France (the south) which has a very heavy Italian influence.

Let me begin by saying that I will not be driving in Europe. Period. I do not care if my friends and family try to convince me otherwise, I think I can get by with the buses, metros and such public transportation systems. Cars are trying to get through crowded streets and some are even on sidewalks. Sometimes, honking is the only means of being heard. Literally. Yet, it is amazing that people walk by these things like it is everyday life that I just find so mesmerizing. My host dad mentioned that driving in the states to him seemed like a piece of cake, and said that the nearest to Europe were big cities like New York City and Chicago.

Another fascinating thing is the amount of time that is spent at the dinner table to enjoy food and to taste it. Eating is a part of life, and they know how to make it one hell of a good time. By the end of dinner, you cannot remember if you have had one glass of wine or three, because somehow, your glass is always full and you have been laughing away as plate after plate is brought to you (or in my case, listening for words you understand and laughing when appropriate).

By the time dinner is over, it is midnight and you are walking the streets of the city, and though it is less crowded than it was four hours ago, there are still people out. People are still on the beach enjoying the breeze, laughing as they walk with their friends and it all just seems so movies like.

Besos (Bisous), 


Chasing the Sun – Hilary Duff

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