Our Missing Firsts

Moving abroad, all you can think about are your firsts. The first time you will buy a bottle of wine, crepes, escargots, climb the Eiffel Tower, walk down Champs Elysees… you never really think about the firsts you will be missing back home.

My little sister finally turned sixteen. She is now old enough to drive, and I am not home to hand her the keys to our car and tell her to be careful on the road. I will not be able to cruise down roads, blast some music, windows down and sing at the top of our lungs as she takes the wheel. I will not be able to make fun of her as she tries to change gears in our manual car and stalls it.

My little sister is growing up and I am so proud of her.



P.S. I see you wearing my sweater… silly. 

3 thoughts on “Our Missing Firsts

      1. She really does! I still have photos on my computer from her birthday–must’ve been her 14th? I can’t remember.

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