We’ll Always Have Paris… and Friends

It started off as speed dating for friends as we attended all of our organizations events. We were lonely our first few couple of weeks and confused as we experienced this completely, different culture.

Now I can only say that it is the best kind of “speed dating” I have ever been a part of. I have met some wonderful girls who come from completely different backgrounds and came here for completely different reasons. We all have a few things in common though:

  1. We have Paris
  2. We used this year as an excuse to figure ourselves out.

In everything else, we are completely different people.

I love it. I have never felt more secure in being myself than I have these past couple of months with these wonderful women. We come from a grand range of backgrounds, and give each other advice with new eyes. These girls make me laugh on my worst days and I can call them up at any moment, explain my day and in seconds we will be sitting with a glass of wine in our hands. I love our feminist talks, our crazy tinder stories, advice on family matters and the hilarious bar stories we end up having.

I am truly lucky to have chosen to experience Paris, the magnificent city of lights and love with these extraordinary women.

Thank you girls.



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