Stranded Christmas

Originally, I was not going to worry about posting anything until after I got back from Spain (where I am spending New Year’s Eve) but this is a story worth telling.

So I have officially gotten back from Ireland. Let me tell you, Ireland was beautiful and the people were so welcoming and warm. I got to have some nice Irish, comfort food (food in Paris doesn’t really leave you filled), got to go out to bars and hang out with a musician (who let me play his RED guitar!). Wait though, there will be another post after New Years with pictures and details of my adventure.

The story I MUST tell now is that I’m stranded… In Paris… With my friend… Couch surfing until the date of our departure to Madrid.

At first, it was stressful. I was near tears in the Dublin airport as my friend, who has my keys had just arrived to Dublin that day and had forgotten to give them to me. She had remembered when she saw me and said she had left them in her bag but she would give them to me before she left. She didn’t, and I had forgotten to remind her when we said goodbye. I was in tears, feeling stranded as my friend messaged me and said she could do nothing.

The friend who I’m traveling with contacted one of our friends in Paris who said she could loan us her home for a few nights.

So now, I’m blogging from my phone, from a friend’s house on Christmas Eve. I just was able to find us a place for tomorrow night (our bus leaves the 26th at two in the afternoon). So this will be known as my stranded Christmas. At this point, when something else goes wrong, I just laugh. It’s an adventure and this is what I live for. This will be one of those funny stories I will tell in the future.

So no worries, as of now I am safe and sound, baking cookies, drinking Spanish sparkling wine and listening to Christmas music. I’ve got a roof over my head and a friend who took us in. I am so unbelievably grateful.

Thank you.



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