If We Were Having Coffee (La rentrée est là)

If we were having coffee I would probably make an iced mocha, since the heat can be somewhat unbearable here in France. I would ask what you would like, make your drink and sit down (probably with an assortment of cookies because that’s what my mom taught me to do while having coffee with people. It is a social event).

I would probably want to talk about the holidays and recount what I did. I traveled throughout France, mainly on the west coast. I visited the beautiful cities of Arcachon, Saint-Emilion and La Baule. Arcachon was a typical beach town, and I went with Le Copain and got to meet his extended family. He showed me around and explained how he used to pass his childhood vacations there. We climbed La Dune de Pilat, and our feet burned from the sand (I couldn’t stand it) but the view from the top was amazing. We could see for miles and miles. That same day we had a rendez-vous at a vineyard in Saint-Emilion, a town I have been wanting to visit since I moved to France. It is located in the Bordeaux region, and is known for its countless vineyards and the medieval town.

View from the vineyard we went to
The vineyard, Le Chatelet, was very good but I would recommend going to someone who has a basic background in wine.

The weekend afterwards, we went to La Baule, a beach town an hour outside of Nantes. We spent four days there, and they were truly spent to relax and stroll on the beach. There are typically many things to do there, but I recommend really planning your trip and knowing what time the high tide and low tide are at. We wanted to go fishing and we needed the low tide but the mornings typically were rainy and then cleared up by three in the afternoon, and we could sun bathe but had missed out on the fishing. They have a nice market there, and it is a bike town. I swore it was built just for biking and cars were thought about later. We bought lots of seafood and even a live lobster to cook at home (I felt bad throughout the whole process but it honestly was the best lobster I had ever tasted, after I had gotten past the guilt of cooking it).

Getting the water ready…

Then my conversation would move towards my nervousness in starting school. Orientation is on Monday, and that is when I will plan out my schedule, choose my classes, all while speaking in French. I am not nervous about not understanding, I know my level of French is pretty comfortable and I have already dealt with my fair share of how the French do things. I am nervous about writing papers and doing presentations in French. Last time I did a presentation in French, I was in a private school to learn French and everyone else there also had an accent and made mistakes in the language. Here, I will be with natural speakers. I did get my student card already and I was quite excited when I opened the envelope. It is official. The girls I babysit will be starting school on Monday too, so I tell them we will be in it together.

Then I would ask you, how is your rentrée from vacances going?



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