A Town in the Alps

In the school system in France, nearly every 6 weeks means a week or two of vacation (depending on your level of studies). Ahhh, the French can’t get rid of their laid back lifestyle (which I enjoy).

This week, I spent four days in the French Alps, in a lovely ski town called Courchevel. It is known to be quite posh, to the extent that hotels warm up people’s boots before they go skiing (my mouth was open when the Frenchman mentioned this). Going to dinner there is quite the event, and you leave with quite the bill (hence why we did grocery shopping and cooked most of the time we were there in the apartment we rented).
I had already been to Courchevel to celebrate Christmas a few years ago, but this time around I went to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. I am not an avid skier, in fact, this is my third time skiing. First time was my senior trip in high school, second time withe the Frenchman and then this time around. So I have the basics, but every time I get on those skis for the first time, I get nervous and freak out. Last time with the Frenchman I nearly escaped a big accident. So skiing at the beginning was quite nerve racking for me. The Frenchman and a friend took their time to walk me through it. I would watch little three year olds ski past me and I would wonder how they could make it look so easy when I was so nervous. They kind of helped push me though because I thought, “if they can, so can I”.

I also visited a town called Annecy, which I had never been to before. It is on a lake and has canals running through the city. It is quite medieval, and while the Frenchman and I were walking through the market, I couldn’t help but ask him to imagine the town back in the day (the history side of me).

Here are pictures from the trip

Lac d’Annecy


Annecy – Old part of town, where the market was set up


Lunch on the canal

img_1033 img_1031 img_1030

Attempting to ski




Views on the slope – a five star hotel
Views from the hiking trail we walked
A town in the distance

img_1029img_1089         img_1087 img_1088 img_1090I love the Alps, and France is a country with so much to see.



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10 thoughts on “A Town in the Alps

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I had written my response out but apparently it did not go through! It was embarrassing but it also motivated me so I can’t complain about that. They were also very cute haha.

  1. OMG!!!! Absolutely stunning!! I’ve never skied before it looks fun but hard lol!! I have always wanted to go to France, now I know where to go first.

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Apparently it did not go through the other day. Thank you! I appreciate it. Yes, France is very beautiful and I recommend seeing the country (not just Paris).

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