Letter to the 19 Year Old That Arrived in France

Dear 19 year old Veronica,

Hi. It’s 21 year old you. You are now officially the age to be able to step foot in a bar in America (you did this past Christmas when you visited family and friends). I am writing this to tell you that you are strong.

Paris has changed you. France has taught you so much. Moving to Paris was the best decision you could make, it changed your course for the better.

I remember how mad you were. You were frustrated with the world because you felt like you had so much to give but no one would see it. You felt stuck in a state where residents were telling you that moving abroad was the worst decision you could ever make. They believed that you were wasting away your life. “Go to school”. “Fall into debt”. “The American system is the best system, no doubt about it”. You love America. It is your country and it always will be. You will get frustrated with people who have told you that you can no longer be an American, especially with recent outcomes politically. How can people believe it is not your country? It is your language. It is the place you want to be so you can drive down country roads when life gets too difficult.

At 19, you are viewing Paris as a dream, the city of lights and love. At 21, it is your home. It has thrown everything you can imagine at you. You will feel alone, but I hope that one day you will prosper from this. I hope one day you understand that everything you are facing will make you better. I hope you learn your value, because you have so much to give. Remember that.

Most of all, remember that I love you.


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