Don’t Fear the Packing: What You Can Find in My Suitcase

Packing is probably one of my favorite things about traveling. For many, it is the toughest part. I love it because it marks the beginning of the trip. I have been packing since I was little (thanks mom and tia), and those trips always tended to be for two plus months. My summers were extensively spent in Spain, but we were always on the move. A few weeks in the north, a few in Madrid, a few in the south… So I have learned my essentials for packing, and quickly. You can call me and tell me we are leaving in two hours and I would be ready, but it is true that I do like to overpack.

Here is how I pack and my tip to not forget those essentials!

My apartment is tiny. My makeup? It stays in my travel makeup bag. There is just no other way for me to organize it at my house. I have two toothbrushes, one that I use to travel and one that I use daily at home. Typically, the essential bathroom stuff is always set to go, but that is more because that is how my situation is (I wish I had a big apartment with different rooms, but hey, I have a roof over my head).

Organizing my clothes is the harder part. I tend to take basic clothes that I can easily throw on and feel comfortable in but also can dress up just in case (adding jewelry, etc.). I typically take two pairs of shoes, ones that I know are comfortable and can walk miles in and cute ones just in case.

My advice in not forgetting things? Just make a list. The countless times that I have forgotten things when I haven’t made one! These aren’t crazy nor new ways of packing. It is pretty basic, but a lot of people ask me how I live out of a suitcase (sincerely, I do). It can be a pretty stressful lifestyle, but it is one that I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for.

These next few weeks are going to be packed (haha). This past weekend, the Frenchman and I went to Val de Loire (Loire Valley). This weekend, I have planned on going to Milan with an association at my university. I am going with my peers and I am excited as I am nervous. I don’t really know anyone that well on the trip, so this is going to be a new experience! The weekend after that, I will be headed to Stuttgart, Germany to visit some family friends. I am quite excited, because I will be using the two languages I am learning within the next couple of weeks in real settings (ah, the wannabe polyglot side of me)!

So please excuse the short pieces that I have planned recently to make up for my absences. I have planned on writing about my travels too, but as of now you can check out my Instagram if you want to keep up with my adventures live. I also have classes that are taking a lot of time, so I don’t know where sleep is going to be planned within these next couple of weeks.



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7 thoughts on “Don’t Fear the Packing: What You Can Find in My Suitcase

  1. Oh how true…at home I wear the same top and pants for a few days. I change when I go out though. But usually hang them up till the next time. Going away…I pack more than I need. I have got it down a bit…as on a cruise you are only allowed 20kg….so I try to keep it down to about 10-11….

    1. Oh yeah definitely. I’m in Germany at the moment (sorry for the late reply) and I had to talk myself out of so many clothes so that I wouldn’t bring my entire closet with me 😂

  2. Packing is always the toughest part for me, I am preparing to travel in two weeks, God willing, and I know I have to start getting things to pack at least one week beforehand

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