A Life in Europe

Living abroad… The list keeps growing

  1. Enjoy some days before arriving in Paris at some beaches in southern France.
  2. Buy an alcoholic beverage
  3. Drink wine by the Eiffel Tower
  4. A Moulin Rouge show
  5. Find some courtyard or park where I would enjoy a picnic.
  6. Finish Le Petit Prince in French.
  7. Go to Shakespeare and Company. 
  8. Go to the catacombs.
  10. Spend the new year in Madrid, en La Puerta del Sol.
  11. Obviously… the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  12. Le Louvre (try to make Mona Lisa smile, and see if her gaze actually follows me wherever I go throughout the room).
  13. Versaille.
  14. Arc de Triomphe.
  15. Fill out my wine journal my friend Sam gave me.
  16. Weekend in London, hell, why not?
  17. Belgium living.
  18. Amsterdam while I am at it.
  19. Barcelona please? I am a Spaniard and I have not been to that beautiful city (the airport definitely does not count).
  20.  Well, obviously hit up a discotheque.
  21. Bike ride through the country side of France.
  22. Picnic at Versailles
  23. Soccer game!
  24. Rugby game
  25. Explore bookstores
  26. Celebrate Halloween at Disneyland Paris
  27. Cinque Terre
  28. Rome
  29. Scotland
  30. Austria 
  31. Germany
  32. Live a Mamma Mia summer in Greece
  33. Croatia
  34. Portugal
  35. Tuscany 
  36. Wine Tasting at Saint Emilion
  37. Finish a book in French (It was Night by Elie Wiesel)
  38. Iceland
  39. Ireland – already been but to return to see the Cliffs of Moher

*Things are bound to be added*

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