Raised on the Road

Raised on the Road

She'll always have her feet in so many places and her bags will always be packed, for having her heart split between two homes has never been easy but that's all she has ever known. She'll look at you in wander when you speak of your childhood, for having four walls that represent a home [...]

Childhood Home

I have been told I only live once But how many deaths do I have? Sitting by your arms, the ones which used to hold me so close Now just feel ice cold. I tell you, "I've missed you" And you force a smile and say, "I think about you every once in a while". [...]

Dear Mom

Ode to my Mother To my beautiful mother,  Who has seen much pain and sorrow.  I know of of no other Who fought hard to see another tomorrow.  To my beautiful mother,  Who taught herself to walk again And soon altogether She learned how to smile again.  To my beautiful mother,  Who raised me so [...]