They feel empty to me when they used to explode from the darkest cracks within me. When I used to shout from the rooftops and mumble words, sitting for hours trying to make them sound just perfect, to sum up my thoughts, beliefs... My being in itself. Now I'm lost. Lost within words to try [...]



January 5th marked a year since I opened this little corner on the internet. I never got around to posting anything because one, January 5th was the day I got back to work and two, it is somewhat of a holiday in Spain (Three Kings Eve anyone?). The following days… all hell broke loose in [...]

My Internet Persona

I had a friend once tell me, "kikalavil is... interesting. It's just so out of the blue, like how did you come up with it?" I feel like this is a question I should answer for my readers as well. Kikalavil started back with one of my first emails. I was probably in 8th grade [...]